Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Always Had a Thing For You

Those are some seriously huge boobs. Probably fun to play with but gotta be a back killer!
I'd hop right in her though, till my back started killing me.

Second Wave Hits

Aftershocks are coming... be prepared for a change!

Dryer Door Opens

Cute and fun little possession cap! Very inventive place to hide and explore. 
To bad mom had to ruin all the fun, for now!!!

The Smile on My Face

This one was written for a friend of mine over at
Awesome site and even more awesome TG community. 
Peeing as a girl would be so, ultimately girly. 
A true fact that if changed,  you were now a girl!

Turn That Frown Upside Down

Just a cute little cap about a mother helping out her little boy... i mean girl!

Smiling Like an Idiot

Once I saw this pic, knew what the caption was going to be about. I love ones that just kinda write themselves.
Also, i had to work some photoshop magic on this one. The fingers you see playing with the redhead's vagina 
weren't in the original pic!

More to Explore

This cap features one of my all time favorite girls - Caprice. She's so amazingly beautiful. 
Oh to be able to hop into her small, sexy body!

The Smiling Girlfriend Series

First multi-pic series I did. Took forever as the rest have as well. 
Her body in the first pic is so freaking hot!!!

Have Myself Some Fun

Oh how I would love to look down and see that view!!! Damn Hot!

After Three Days

Second cap. This pic, to me is really hot. I love the look of it and the apprehensive look 
on the girls face. Does she want to look or not... I think she made a wise choice!

First ever TG Cap! Sam's Computer Magic

This is the first TG cap I ever did! Short and I love the pic.

First Post!!!

Hey everyone and welcome to my new TG Transformation Caption and Story Blog! Here you'll find pics that I've captioned or written a story about and what I think is possibly going on in the pic or pics.
Hope you enjoy your stay and come back often!!!