Thursday, March 7, 2013

First Rant!

Got some new caps to upload but need to edit a few of them a little bit first... keep checking back!

i don't know about you, the possible readers here, but I'm not just someone who likes to write and read caps just to do it... i genuinely read and write caps and sometimes envision myself as the guy (mtf) being changed. sometimes i hurt with desire to be changed..., like in some of the caps. thank god we have caps, and blogs and transformation communities like just to name a few tg avenues. i dream of a transformation all the time... night and day, hoping for a way to enjoy life on the "other side of the gender fence." that's all the ranting for today...

here's a girl i'd most definitely love to be or look like... 

Connie is so freakin' hot... damn!

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