Monday, July 15, 2013

What is this? A new post!?!?!?!?

Yep. Been wanting to write this one for a while...

I recently came across a couple GIFs of a wonderful creature named Candy Dada. She blew me away. I mean, how lucky a guy she was/is that her body could look like this as still mostly a male body looking this extremely female. I'm really jealous. If my male body could look like that, I'd be so happy. I know she has gotten breast implants, but damn! Here are a couple GIFs of her... Prepare to be amazed...

Un-freaking believable!!!
If I had to have a dick, I would want to look like that while peeing!

These next ones show some guys going down on her. (Oral sex) While not my thing by a long shot, I still am going to put them on here for you all to see... What I mean by that is that I would still prefer a girl doing that to me if I looked like that...

That there is a lucky bastard! I envy this Candy Dada!


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  1. cant find anything on the web for that name.. do you have any links to some of her photos.. and yes she is truly adorable.. and like you so jealous that so young and pretty.. thanks